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  • Contact Information

    Mr. Brewer Second Grade

    conference: 1:25-2:15

    Room 306

    On your Mobile Phone: Enter this number 81010

    Text this message  @mrbrewer2

    to join my text announcements for the class

    This allows me to send short bulletins to all parents via text message concerning homework, field trips, picture days, special events, and important notes.

    Our Winter Party will take place on Thursday, December 21 at 2:00 p.m. 

    Winter Holidays: No school beginning Friday, December 22; Students return on Tuesday, January 9, 2018

    Link to our counselor Korina Scott: Counselor's Corner



    My name is Toby Brewer.  I have a Bachelors of Science degree in Elementary Education from Northwestern Oklahoma State University, Class of 2000. I have always taught here at Tice Elementary. 

    • Discipline


      We use a school-wide discipline program called CHAMPS. The overall goal of this classroom management system is to develop an instructional structure in which students are responsible, motivated, and highly engaged in the specific task at hand. The teacher's goal is to teach students directly how to be successful in specific class situations. The CHAMPS acronym stands for Conversation, Help, Activity, Movement, Participation, and Success. Each acronym has specific goals that are posted for all students to see and know the desired behavior that is expected during whole group instruction, group work, independent work, guided group work, etc. Click on Link for more information:

      I have 3 rules in my classroom:

      1. Be Respectful- This includes always treating your teachers and fellow students with kindess and respect. Students are encouraged to use their words of respect such as yes sir, no sir, yes ma'am, no ma'am.

      2. Be Responsible- Students are EXPECTED to take care of their materials and finish their assignments completely and turn them in on time.

      3. Use Your Manners- Students are to only get up out of their seats or talk when they are given permission. They are also taught not to interrupt adults when they are communicating in the classroom.

      If at anytime the rules are not being followed, as well as any school rules, there are sequential consequences.

      These are:

      A verbal warning is given to the student with clear explanation of consequences.
      A letter mark is given on the student's daily conduct chart. (Chart will be initialed daily and signed each Friday.)
      Certain privileges will be taken away. (no free computer time, no rewards)
      Parent will be called if the problem persists. After the third call home, a conference will be required. After all efforts have been made to correct a behavior, documentation will be kept on file and an office referral will be made.

      Rewards include:

      Verbal Praise, stickers, free time, extra technology sessions, treasure box, homework passes, pencils, eat with the teacher, Breakfast Klub (teacher buys donuts), Lunch Bunch (teacher buys McDonalds).

      Conduct folders will be sent home daily to be initialed, and each Friday for the parent to review their child's behavior grade for the week. It is to be signed to say you are aware of the grade given (E,S,N,U). If it is not signed, the student receives an S automatically for the following week. This will reflect upon their conduct grade for the nine weeks. It is important to stay consistent with this matter. Ask your child for their folder every evening. Homework will be included. There will be no excuses accepted unless a written note is given to me by the parent. Please help us teach responsibility. 

      • Schedule

        Mr. Brewer's Daily Schedule

        Student's should arrive to school prior to 7:30

        7:40-9:45 Math ( Anticipatory and whole group 7:45-9/ Small Groups 9-9:45)

        9:45-10:30 Science

        10:30 (Class moves to Ms. Delgau for ELA/SS)

        10:35-11:00 Math (Anticipatory Lesson)

        11:00-11:30 Lunch

        11:35-12:05 Structured Recess

        12:05-1:25 Math Continued (Small Groups 12:40-1:25)

        1:25-2:15 Activity Time; Music, Art, PE, Library

        2:15-3:00 Science

        3:00 Prepare to Depart

        3:10 Dismissal

        • Homework

           The purpose of homework is to allow the parent and child to sit down at home each evening and work on skills that are being taught in the classroom.  Homework is due on the next day after it is assigned. Please do not allow your child to rush through the homework. Make sure they are monitored at home and doing it correctly. Some homework assignments may include small projects that engage the student and parent. I will ocassionally give a grade for the homework. It counts for 10% of the final grade. If homework is complete and returned on time, the student gets a 100%. If the student does not bring the homework, it counts as 0%. Keep in mind that it only counts for 10%, however only students who complete and return homework on time will receive the incentive given.

          Due to the weather circumstances, I will be mindful and lenient on homework assignments and grades. 

          • Scope and Sequences




            Big Idea: Review Addition and Subtraction with regrouping and Word Problem Solving. The students should be able to create and solve their own word problems.

            Money and Financial Literacy


            Big Idea: Positions and Movement of Objects; Properties of Rocks; and Natural Sources of Water


            • Interactive Websites

              Click on the link to go to the website:

              Math Playground


              • About Me...

                I am originally from Oklahoma where I received my teacher training at Northwestern Oklahoma State University. I earned my Bachelors Degree in Elementary Education with a Minor in Special Education in 2000. I have been teaching here at Tice Elementary since August of 2000. I have taught Special Education, First grade, Second grade and Third grade. Most of my experience is in Mathematics and Science. I am ESL certified. This year I am serving as the campus Lead Mentor for all first year teachers. Tice is an exemplary campus and has won the Blue Ribbon Award in Educational Excellence during my years of teaching. I am loyal to the district of Galena Park and to my campus as well. I enjoy teaching the students who come through my classroom every year. We build relationships with the students and families that attend here. We encourage parental and community involvement within the educational setting. If you would like to become a parent volunteer, I would strongly recommend it. See the front office for details.

                • Miscellaneous Items

                  Nutritional Guidelines: All parents are welcome and encouraged to join their children for lunch. Our time is from 11:00 to 11:30. Please sign in to the front office before joining us in the cafeteria. Parents may sit with their child only on the stage tables. No other students may be invited to the stage with them. 

                  Students that bring their lunch from home must be able to consume their food in the cafeteria only. No food or drink will be allowed outside of the cafeteria after 11:30. If the student has a sealed bottle for liquids or ziploc package to store remaining food, it may be saved for home. These items will be returned to the classroom and stored in the child' backpack. At the request of the custodians, no unsealed food or drink will be allowed back in the classrooms. Please do not send family sized bags of chips with your children for lunch. This is excessive and the unfinished bags will be thrown away when we leave the cafeteria. Please do not send candy with your children to school. Research shows that excessive amounts of sugar can raise hyperactivity in children at such a young age and therefore interfere with the learning environment. Please be cautious and mindful in what you are sending with your children to school.

                  Please do not send toys to school with your children. These items become distracting to the learning environment. Toys will be kept by the teacher in a designated place and returned to the child at the end of the day. The student will be asked not to bring it to school. This also applies to electronics like cell phones, tablets, apple watches, Nintendo DS's, etc. If a student must carry a cell phone to and from school for safety reasons, please write a note to me with your signature to keep on file. The cellular device must remain powered off and stored in the student's backpack from 7:30 to 3:10. I will not be held responsible for lost or stolen electronics. 

                  If you would like your child to celebrate their birthday with their peers, you may leave store bought cupcakes and juice boxes in the front office for us to share. In this case, I will set aside 15 minutes at the end of the day to serve the children. They may not have any outside foods brought into the cafeteria during lunch hours. Cupcakes are the best choice to share with the children rather than a full cake. (less mess) DISCLAIMER: If you have a child that is unable to participate in parties, please let me know so arrangements can be made with due respect to you and the child. Without knowledge, I will assume that every child is given their fair share in "Birthday Party Time".

                  Please contact me via email if you would like to become a Room Parent or School Volunteer. Please make sure you fill out a Background Check in the front office prior to these decisions. The background checks take at least 2 weeks to come back approved. If we have a field trip and you would like to attend, a background check must be approved prior to the trip. Parents who are not cleared by the front office will not be able to attend for the sake of the children's safety. I recommend getting this completed as soon as possible. 

                   COMMUNICATION and TRANSPORTATION.... Please make sure that we have the most updated contact information from you. In the case of a medical emergency or school evacuation due to un-for-seen circumstances, I will have to get in touch with you immediately. Your current phone number is a priority. In the event that your child switches from a bus rider to a car rider or to a daycare pick up, I must be contacted by a phone call to the office or in writing by the parent or guardian each time a switch is made. Some students get home by two forms of transportation on different days. I will need a specific schedule from you in writing defining which days the student will get home. I appreciate all of your cooperation in these matters. It is all about safety and getting the students home correctly each day. 

                  Student Dress Code: Please make sure your child is dressed appropriately according to the school and/or district guidelines. Here at Tice, district dress codes are in effect Mondays through Thursdays. On each Friday, the students may wear jeans with a Tice Spirit shirt. No open toed shoes should be worn at any time. This includes sandals and flip flops. When in doubt, Tennis shoes are the best choice. Shirts must be tucked in with a belt around the waste. Due to the recent storm, the dress code has been lifted. When the dress code is reinstated, you will receive notification.