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    Erik Esparza
    2nd Grade Math/Science


      Homework will be given every Friday and will be due the following Friday.  I will post homework here just in case anyone needs a copy.  Ducati Assignment

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      Weekly Objectives

      MATH TEKS (2.8A-2.8D)  Apply mathematical process standards to analyze attributes of two-dimensional and three-dimensional solids to make generalizations about their properties.  


      Science TEKS (2.5C)- Students will demonstrate that things can be done to materials to change their physical properties such as cutting, folding, sanding, and melting.


      (2.5D)- Students will combine materials that when put together can do things that they cannot do by themselves such as building a tower or a bridge and justify the selection of those materials based on their physical properties.

      Review Topics:


      • Review Topic: The Water Cycle

        • Vocabulary

          Math Vocabulary: Geometric Figures, two Dimensional, Three Dimensional, Attributes, Sides, Edges, Vertex, Verticies, Angle, Faces

          Science Vocabulary:  Solid, Liquid, Gas, Mass, Balance, Properties, Matter