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  • Flip Floppin' into 3rd Grade


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    • What We Are Doing

      Welcome Back!

      Week of  October 24-28

      Character Education Word of October is: Compassion and Tolerance


      Reading -  Author's Purpose

      Main Selection:  "Here's My Dollar

      Vocabulary -  In the Home Words

      Language Arts -  Sentences, Fragments, and Run-ons

      Spelling -  Unit 8 Words

      Social Studies -  Communities





      • Weekly Spelling and Vocabulary

        *Please click word document icon for spelling words*

        New Spelling Homework will be given every Friday! 

        You will have an entire week to do the homework and turn it in on Friday!

        Write Words 3 times each

        Write Words in ABC Order

        Spelling Worksheet

        Remember to study for Spelling Test!!!!!


        New Vocabulary Words will be given on Fridays (with new Spelling Words)

        *You must learn what category the vocabulary words belong to- A blank vocabulary sheet will be given in homework packet for practice*

        Vocabulary Pretest will be given on Thursdays ** if you make below a 70 you will be given a second chance on Friday to retake the test** 

      • Student of the Month


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