Topic outline

  • General

    Marilyn Rodriguez

    6th Grade Math

    (832) 386-2100

    • Classroom/School Rules

      1.    Be in your assigned seat or assigned location ready to work when the tardy bell rings.
      2.    Bring paper, pencils, books and all needed supplies every day.
      3.    Keep hands, feet, books and objects to yourself.
      4.    No swearing, rude gestures, teasing or put-downs.
      5.    Follow the teacher's directions.
      6.    Use restroom before entering classrooms and always have your library book.

      Class Information

    • Grade Percentages:

      Major Grades include All   
      Test/Project/District Assessments        40%
      Minor Grades include
      Daily Work/ Teacher Observations      50%

      Homework Grades                               10%

      • Supplies



        Composition Notebooks

        Pencil Sharpeners

        Dry Erase Markers

        Map Pencils

        2 Pocket Folder with brads

        Other materials and supplies may be needed for special activities or projects. It is the responsibility of the student to have these supplies each class period.

        • Assignments

          Homework will be given daily. Students will be responsible to write homework  in thier Agendas everyday.

          TEST: A test a is given every-other week. Students are instructed to get their test signed by a parent / guardian for extra points.  

          Assignments below a 70% require a parent signature and corrections.