Topic outline

  • TILT's & PBL's LA/SS 3rd-5th Gr.


    TILT's & PBL's session

    Paula Bridges- TIS @ NCE & JCE
    Joseph Long- TIS @ SAM & CIM

    Rosalba Norman- TIS @ NSE & CLF

    Technology Integrated Lessons for Teachers
    (Curriculum aligned technology lessons ready for implementation)

    Project Based Lessons
    (previously known as Student Projects)

  • TILT 1 - Presenter: R. Norman

    TILT 1: Moodle Discussion Board Language Arts
    Grading Pd & Gr:1st 9wks  3rd Grade
    Topic: Characters in a story

    Purpose of Discussion Forum-collaboration tool between teachers & students

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  • TILT 2 - Presenter: Paula Bridges

    TILT: CPS PowerPoint with Clickers - Language Arts
    Grading Pd & Gr: 2nd 9wks  3rd Grade
    Topic: Nouns


  • PBL 1 - Presenter: Rosalba Norman

    PBL 1:  Word Processing - Social Studies
    Grading Pd & Gr: 1st 9wks 5th Grade
    Topic: Story Swap; Declaration of Independence


  • PBL 2 - Presenter: Joe Long

    PBL 2:  Presentation - Social Studies
    Grading Pd & Gr:  2nd 9wks &  3rd Grade
    Topic:  Bodies of Information


  • Breakout Session

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    TILT's &PBL's

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