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    GT Projects and Powerpoint from Showcase 2016

  • GPISD's Gifted and Talented Program

    Welcome to our page.  

    My name is Kathryn Mosely, and I am the GT Cadre for MacArthur.  I will relay all information from the district to our GT teachers, and answer any questions or find out the answer.  If you have any questions, please feel free to email me at .



    • Texas State Laws

      State of Texas Education Information


    • Encounters

      While the Journeys program services the top performing students at each elementary campus (grades K-5), the Encounters Program services the top performing 3-5% of students in grades 4-9.  Student selections for the Encounters program are made after student testing in the spring semester.  Results for G/T testing will be sent home to parents sometime throughout the summer via mail (G/T students who are new to the district may be tested upon arrival). 

      Students who are chosen for the elementary Encounters program will be serviced one day per week by Mrs. Rountree, the fourth and fifth grade encounters teacher, at Normandy Crossing Elementary.  This class includes fourth and fifth grade Encounters students throughout the district, providing these students with an enriched curriculum and the unique opportunity to work among their high-performing peers.

      For more information regarding the district's Encounters programs can be found at Mrs. Rountree's Webpage.


      • Journeys Questions and Answers

        Journeys Brochure

      • Identification for the GT Program

        The district has established G/T assessment and selection requirements for each grade level, testing kindergarten students in the fall (along with any new students to the district who participated in a GT program in their previous district) and grades one through five throughout the spring semester.

        Students will be tested for the G/T program based on their academic performance in the classroom, on district and state assessments, as well as teacher/parent nominations.  Students must receive parent permission to participate in G/T testing and receive G/T services (if selected to participate in GPISD's Journeys Program).