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    Welcome to Ms. Kelley's 4th Grade Class!!




    Character Trait of the Month:



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      March at a Glance

      - Geometry
      -Review for STAAR
      - Weathering, Erosion, Depostion
      -Natural Resources
      -The Water Cycle
      • Homework


        Math: I will give homework Monday-Friday. Homework is due the next day or the next time we meet.

        Monday-Thursday: Math Review

        • Online Assignments

          Due to the unexpected closure of the Galena Park ISD though the week of April 10th. I will be providing online resources/assignments for students to complete.

          Students should complete 60 Minutes of I-Ready lessons a week and at least 5 Science Assignments from Stemscopes each week. Students can access I-ready and Stemscopes through there class link account at I will be adding future assignments to google classroom, but for now this weeks assignments are attached below.

          Below is the code to gain access to my google classroom and a link on how to log on. Once you logon you will have to click the plus sign at the top right corner and select join class...then you will put the code in.

          Class Code: 2b22tec

        • Tutorials

          Wednesday and Friday 7:00-7:30

          • Schedule

             7:25-7:45 Mini Lesson for Review

            7:45-8:25 Math Concept Lesson/ Close Activity

            8:25-9:25 Science

            9:25-10:25 Guided Math Groups and M.A.T.H Stations

            10:25-10:45 Mini Lesson for Review

            10:45-11:25 Math Concept Lesson/ Close Activity

            11:25-12:25 Guided Math Groups and M.A.T.H. Stations

            12:25-12:55 Lunch

            12:55-1:05 Structured Recess

            1:05-1:50 Science

            1:50-2:45 Specials

            2:45-3:00 Science

            3:00-310 Pack up/Dismissal


            8:05-8:50 Science Lab

            11:25-12:20 Science Lab