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  • Google for Teachers

    Welcome to the Google Moodle page. (Nice ring huh?)

    Each aspect of Google gives you the ability to improve many aspects of what we as teachers and administrators do. It is also great for students!

    Each topic in this page will have an introductory video followed by a step-by-step tutorial.  

    Also, there is a discussion board on the page, please contribute if you have any questions, comments, concerns or questions.

    Have fun!

    • Google Chrome

      Google Chrome is the browser associated with Google. This replaces other browsers such as Internet Explorer  and Firefox 

      It has many unique features. Check it out

    • Google Drive


      Say goodbye to your flashdrive. Google Drive is a virtual online folder that can be used to save files. Files saved to your Google Drive can easily be accessed from any computer, tablet, or smartphone. You will love Google Drive if your computer ever crashes. 

      • Google Docs

        With many of the same features as Microsoft Office, plus the ability to edit in any browser, Google Docs is free with your account. You can create documents, share with out having to upload attachments, and even collaborate in real time with other users in different locations. Fantastic powerful tool for team planning. 

        • Google Documents: An Alternative to Microsoft Word

          Google docs is a word processor that has many of the features in Microsoft Word, plus numerous templates and the ability to import images straight from a Google Image search. 

          • Google Spreadsheets (Alternative to Microsoft Excel)

            A powerful alternative to Excel, and yes FirstClass WIKI's! Spreadsheets has all the same formulas and functions in Excel with the same ability to collaborate in real time. 

            • Google Presentation (Alternative to Microsoft Power Point)

              • Google Form: Make Surveys and Quizes

                • Google Drawing

                  • More Apps in Google Drive

                    Google Chrome is Android based, and many of the apps offered on Android devices are available to create documents on Google Drive.

                    Go to create, and at the bottom of the menu is the option "Connect More Apps". In addition to the standard Google Document, Spreadsheet, Presentation there are hundreds of more apps that can be quite handy in the classroom try

                    1. Mind Mup!  
                    2. Create from template - Drive Application (free Google Doc Templates)
                    3. PowToon!  (Great for making short cartoons)
                    4. Lucidchart: Diagramming 

                    Many more are available through Google Drive, and more are currently under development