Topic outline

  • General

    Ms. Murff
    Galena Park Elementary

    • Homework

      Ms. Murff’s Class’s Homework 


      Read to someone for at least 15 minutes each day.

      Practice addition & subtraction facts every day.



      • Reading & Language Arts

        March 16 - April 3

        BIG IDEAS to LEARN

        1. Research / Reading informational text to learn about a topic
          • What is the central (main) idea of what the child read?
          • What text features help them learn information? (Photos, captions, graphs, labels, diagrams, etc.)
          • What questions do they have about a topic? How can they find answers to their questions?
        2. Sentences start with capitals and end with punctuation ( . ? or !)


        • Abbreviations
          • 1. Sun.  2.Mon. 3. Tues.  4. Wed.  5. Thurs.  6. Fri.  7. Sat.  8.Mrs.  9. Mr. !0. Dr. 11. St.  12. Ave. 13. Rd. 
          • High Frequency Words: 14.sure  15. doesn't  16. might  17. also  18. April
        • Inflectional Endings
          • 1. play  2. played  3.playing  5. likes  6. liked  7. talk  8. talks  9. talked  10. talking  11. walk  12.walks  13. walking  14. jump  15. jumps  16. jumping  17. jumped
          • High Frequency Words: 18. country  19. anyway  20. change  21. change  22. usually  23. June
        • Mixed List
          • 1. pet  2. glass  3. scan  4. crab  5. shell  6. cry  7.spy  9.she  .10. be  11. dog  12.split  13.trunk  14. go 15. we
          • High Frequency Words: 16. busy  17. perhaps  18. suddenly  19. learn  20. July

        • MATH

          March 16 - 27

          • Measuring Length
            • find the length of objects using rulers, yard sticks, meter sticks, or measuring tapes
            • solve problems involving length
            • use estimation to solve problems involving length

          March 30 - April 9

          • Data (Graphs & Charts)
            • Organize data using bar graphs or pictographs
            • Relate the length of a bar or the number of pictures to data numbers
            • Construct picture or bar graphs to display data
            • Write & solve word problems related to graphs
            • Use info from graphs to draw conclusions & make predictions

          • SCIENCE

            February 10 - 21

            • Basic Needs of Plants

            February 24 - March 6

            • Basic Needs of Animals

            March 16 - 20

            • Migration, Dormancy , Hibernation

            April 6 - 24

            • Interdependence of Organisms (Food Chains & Food Webs)
            • Online Resources

              Students should use the STUDENTS drop down menu on the GPE website. They should select CLasslink. They should login to their account. From their they can use all the wonderful programs provided by the district. Please especially have students use RAZ Kids, IStation, & Iready.









              • GPISD Distance Learning

                Educational Resources/Learning Opportunities

                • GPISD Parents and Guardians:

                  Galena Park I.S.D. is committed to providing educational resources and learning opportunities to students for the duration of this closure period.  The learning resources are focused on reviews of taught material and provide opportunities for building and refining skills needed for future instruction.  

                  In order to ensure ALL students have equal access to the resources, we have an online option, as well as paper packets for students who do not have an electronic device or internet access readily available at home. Please find the directions for accessing the material below.

                  Online Access Directions:

                  • Go to the Galena Park ISD website: (
                  • Choose the STUDENTS tab and select “Online Learning Opportunities” in the directory.
                  • Select your student’s grade level and/or subject area.

                  Online resources will be updated each Monday by 4:00 pm.

                   Paper Packets:

                  **Students who have reliable online access and devices do NOT need to pick up paper packets.

                  Paper packets will be available for curbside pick-up on Mondays, from 4:00-6:00 p.m.  Parents should pick up a packet(s) at the location selected when submitting the materials packet request survey:

                  • North Shore Senior High School (353 Castlegory Rd., Houston 77049), OR
                  • Galena Park High School (1000 Keene Street, Galena Park 77547)

                  Please complete the GPISD Educational Materials Packet Request Form here to ensure we prepare enough copies at each site.  Parents who have already completed the request survey do NOT need to resubmit as we will continue to prepare packets for you for the duration of the school closure. NOTE: The link will be active weekly on Tuesday at noon until Sunday at 11:59 p.m.