Topic outline

  • General

    "Voyage to Excellences"

    Michael Barrick

    Elective: Outdoor Education

    School Telephone Number:  832-386-2100

    Class Schedule:

                           Periods: 1/6  8:15 - 9:25   Outdoor Education 

                           Periods: 2/7  9:30 - 10:40  Outdoor Education

                           Periods 3/8  10:45 - 11:15   Lunch

                                                11:15 - 11:50  Lunch Duty

                                                 11:50 - 1:00   Conference Period

                          Periods:  4/9  1:05 - 2:15    Outdoor Education

                          Periods:  5/10  2:20 - 3:30  Outdoor Education

    • Topic 1

      Mr. Barrick's Classroom EXPECTATIONS

      Beginning of Class:

      1.    Upon arrival, pick up the paper (if applicable) from the supply table.

      2.    Check the screen AS SOON as you walk into class.  If there is a warm-up on the board, you will be given 5 minutes from the time the bell rings to complete this.  Otherwise, follow any instructions on the board, it's there for a reason.

      3.    Please wait until class starts to ask any questions over the warm-up.  Most of the time, I will work out the problems assigned and questions will be answered at that time.

      4.    If you have questions about grades, make-up work, re-tests, and labs, please make an effort to come see me before or after school.  E-mail is also a great way to have questions answered.

      Direct Instruction (teacher lecturing):

      1.     DO NOT get out of your seat while I am teaching for any reason (i.e. throwing away trash, or sharpening a pencil).

      2.    DO NOT ask to go to the restroom.

      3.     DO NOT try to talk over me while I am giving instructions.

      4.    Side conversations should not be occurring.

      5.    Raise your hand if you have any questions.

      6.    Cell phones, electronics, homework from other classes, and books should be put away during this time.

      Group/Outdoor Activities/Lab Work:

      1.   All safety rules are to be followed during an Outdoor activity or Lab.  NO EXCEPTIONS. 

      2.   All group members should be participating in this activity.

      3.    If you have a question, ask a classmate UNTIL I can assist you.  Someone in the room knows the answer to your question (other than me).

      End of Class:

      1.    All supplies should be put up at the end of the period.

      2.    No books should be left out and all composition notebooks should be put back on the correct shelf.

      3.    After all supplies have been put away, you MUST stay in your seat until I release you (Not the bell). 

      Additional Comments and Expectations:

      1.    No food or drink are allowed in the classroom.

      2.    A re-test is always optional.  You must re-test in the allotted time either before or after school.

      • Topic 2

        In order to guarantee your child, and all the students in my classroom, the excellent learning climate they deserve, I am utilizing the following DISCIPLINE PLAN.

        My Philosophy:

        I believe all my students can behave appropriately in my classroom.  I will not tolerate any student stopping me from teaching and/or any other student from learning.


        1.  Follow directions the first time they're given.

        2.  Bring all materials: paper pencils, books and all needed supplies.

        3.  Keep hands, feet, books, and objects to yourself.

        4.  No swearing, rude gestures, teasing, or put-downs.

        5.  Be in your assigned seat ready to work by the time class begins.

        Consequences for Negative Behavior:

        1.  Student given a warning.

        2.  Student writes a reflection about behavior.

        3.  Detention will be assigned.

        4.  Conference with parent/student/teacher

        5.  Conference with Team Leader/Assistant Principal

        Excellent Behavior:

        1.  Positive note sent home.

        2.  Earn points for computer time.

        3.  Become a class helper.

        4.  Become the teacher helper.

        5.  Earn points for other rewards.

        • Topic 3

          I believe homework is important because it is a valuable aid in helping you make the most of your experience in school.  I give homework because it is useful in reinforcing what has been taught in class, preparing you for upcoming lessons, extending and generalizing concepts, teaching responsibility, and helping you develop positive study habits.

          I will assign homework.  Homework should take you no more than a half an hour to complete each night.  I will give you one week's notice to study for your upcoming tests.

          I expect you to work on your own, asking for help only after you have given it your best effort.

          All homework will be checked.  If homework is not done, you will receive a zero for each unfinished assignment.  A signed note from your parent must explain any legitimate reason why homework was not finished, then you will be given one extra day to complete the unfinished homework.

          Please contact me if any problems arises that you cannot handle.

          • Topic 4

            First 3 weeks.

            August 24, 2015 to September 11, 2015

            Outdoor Education Topics: 1) Leadership and Group Development

                                                        2) Staying safe and Comfortable in the Outdoors

            Science Concept Topics:     1) Science Safety


            1)  To learn to trust each other

            2)  To be respectful of each other

            3)  To work toward making these activities positive for oneself and the group

            4)  To use creative problem-solving skills

            5)  To learn how to work as a team and cooperate

            • Topic 5

              Second 3rd Weeks

              September 14 to October 2, 2015

                                          Outdoor EducationTopics:  Environmental Ethics: Caring for Resources

                                                        Science Concept: Weather

                                           Outdoor Education Topics: Planting Seeds

                                                          Science Concept: Plant Cells

                                                          Science Concept: Classification

              • Topic 6

                Third 3 Weeks - End of the 1st Quarter

                October 5 to October 16, 2015

                                                      Outdoor Education Topic: Garden Care

                                                      Social Studies Concepts: Map skills and compass Skills

                                                      Science Concepts: Hazard: Land, Water, Lake and Oceans

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