Topic outline

  • Welcome to TEAM C

    Serina Matlock

    Room 210

    (832) 386-2100

    English Language Arts/Reading 6th Grade

    TEAM C   

    •My name is Ms. Matlock and I am very excited to be your 6th grade Language Arts teacher. We are going to learn, have fun, and become better readers and writers. The only way that we can all be successful is if we follow classroom expectations, policies, and procedures.
    A key component in our classroom will be the used of technology to enhance our learning, therefore, students should have earbuds in class daily.

    • Daily Schedule

      Period 1/8  PreAp RELA

      Period 2a  Reading Strategies

      Period 3/6 RELA

      Period 4/5 Pre-AP R-ELA 

      • Classroom Rules

        Be in your assigned seat or location ready to work when the tardy bell rings.
        Bring paper, pencils, books and all needed supplies every day.
        Keep hands, feet, books and objects to yourself.
        No swearing, rude gestures, teasing or put-downs.
        Follow the teacher's directions.
        Use restroom before entering classrooms and always have your library book..
        • Tutorials and Extra Help

          Tutorials and Extra Help

          Students must listen carefully in class and take notes. If they do not understand what is being explained, please encourage your child to ASK QUESTIONS. Tutorials will begin on October 22, 2019 from 4:00- 5:00 p.m. The Teacher will also pull students in for one on one tutoring during the conference period. 

          • Vocabulary

            Vocabulary used in poetry are highlighted.

          • This topic

            COBB Social Media Pages

            Stay up to date with activities and events around the district and at Cobb. 

          • Scope & Sequence

            Scope and Sequence

            Outline of Scope and Sequence

            1st Nine Weeks

            Reading:  Fiction & Elements of Poetry

            Writing: Poetry Writing 

            Grammar Focus: Capitalization (Abbreviations, Acronyms, Organizations, Initials)

            Using Simple Sentences (Non Count Nouns, Irregular Verbs & Indefinite Pronouns)

            Compound Sentences (Coordinating Conjunctions & Conjunctive Adverbs)

            2nd Nine Weeks

            Reading: Expository & Procedural, Persuasive & Media

            Writing: Persuasive & Expository Essays

            Grammar Focus: Using Complex Sentences (Subordinating Conjunctions)

            Punctuation & Spacing for Quotations & Transitional words and phrases

            3rd Nine Weeks

            Reading: Expository &  Drama, Fiction & Poetry

            Writing: Expository Essay & Letter Convention  & Persuasive Essay 

            Grammar Focus: Prepositional Phrases

            Spelling (Commonly Confused Terms)

            Italics & Underling for Titles of Books.

            4th Nine Weeks

            Reading: Fiction &  Expository, Poetry & Persuasive

            Writing:  Imaginative Writing, Personal Narrative, Poetry Writing

            Grammar Focus: Active vs Passive Voice

            Punctuation (Parentheses, Brackets, and Ellipses)