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      Blue Day
      1st Period: 
      2nd Period: 
      3rd Period: 
      "A Lunch"                                                         
      4th Period
      5th Period

      Red Day
      6th Period

      7th Period
      8th Period
      "A Lunch"    
      9th Period
      10th Period



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        Classroom Syllabus:

        Policies and Procedures

        All school policies will be enforced in this class.

         Hall Passes:

        «  Passes will be given on the basis of extreme emergency at the discretion of the teacher. 

        «  Do not request a pass to get water or go to see a guidance counselor. (Guidance will send passes for scheduled meetings, and they can be scheduled during lunch/before or after school)

        «  Passes will not be given during the first 15 minutes or last 5 minutes of class AND you must have your planner in order to leave.

        Entering the room:

        «  You are to come prepared for class and ready to work.  Paper, sharpened pencils/pen, folders, etc. should be brought to class each day, unless you are instructed to do otherwise by the teacher.

        «  Enter the room quietly and calmly before the bell.

        «  Get all materials before you find your assigned seat, and follow the instructions given on the board/projector.


        Throwing things away:

        «  Students must raise hand to get out of seat for any reason.

        «  Please do not ask to get up if the teacher is talking to the class wait until finished.

        «  Please do not throw things across the room.


        Sharpening your pencil:

        «  Please make sure you have at least 2 sharpened pencils for the start of class.

        «  Try to sharpen all pencils before the bell or during group transitions.

        «  Please raise hand to get up to sharpen pencils.

        «  If the teacher or other students are talking to the class, please wait until they are finished.


        Eating and drinking in class:

        «  No eating in class.

        «  No drinking in class. Please visit the water fountain during your transition time.


        Participation in Class:

        «  Students may not place their head on their desk for any reason…student participation is mandatory.

        «  Respect teachers and classmates ideas during group work. Do Not make derogatory comments for ANY REASON.


        Computer Use:

        «  Computer & Internet activity is for class work ONLY.

        «  You are not permitted to access unauthorized websites (including listening to music) or change the programming of the computer or desktop.

        «  Students will be assigned to a computer and must only use designated computer (This signed document serves as the computer contract as well. Computer usage will be monitored daily).


        Guests in the classroom:

        «  Please respect all guests in our room.

        «  Treat them as you would want to be treated.

        «  If someone walks in the room, they will address you if they need something.

        «  Just smile and keep working.


        Asking questions:

        «  Students are encouraged to ask for help whenever needed!!!

        «  Please raise your hand and wait to be called on.

        «  Please use the appropriate voice level.

        If working in groups or pairs, please ask two peers before asking the teacher.

        • Topic 3

          Accelerated Reading                      read

          Students AR goals are displayed in class.                                      

          Please encourage your child to read every day.

          Students should read AR Books at least 30 minutes at home daily

          Parents, please ask your child questions about the book they are reading

          Your child should read with understanding of the book

          Students will take an AR test once they are finished reading

          Students should not make any grade lower than a 70 on the test

          Students should obtain 7 points by Progress Report and 15 points by the end of the 9 weeks

          • Topic 4


            My Reading Tutorials are everyTuesday. 

            Starting October 4, 2016

            @ 4:05-5:05 pm

            There is Bus Transportation.


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            • Reading Practice Websites

              Reading Practice

              IStation Website:

              Reading Practice:

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