Topic outline

  • General

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    • Teacher's Schedule:

      1st period - Athletics

      2nd period - Conference/Planning

      3rd period - Writing 

      4th period - Reading

      5th period - Writing

      6th period - Writing 

      7th period - Writing

      8th period - Reading

      • First Nine Weeks


        Skills- Creating interesting leads in a personal narrative.

                   Focusing the topic of a personal narrative. 

                   Adding Imagery to a personal narrative.

                  Concluding a personal narrative.


        Skills- Combining Sentences using participial phrases, compound and complex sentences

                   Pronoun and antecedent agreement

                   Relative Pronouns 


      • 2nd Nine Weeks


        Texts- Fiction, Poetry, Drama, Expository


        •            How to use a Thesaurus in order to replace overused words.
        •            What the difference between a synonym and antonym is.  
        •            How the parts of speech help when determining the meaning of a word.


                        Figurative Language including simile, metaphor, and personification

                        Tone vs. Mood  


                        Elements of Poetry

                        Expository organizational patterns


        Skills- Developing ideas in an Expository Essay.

                   How to write a thesis statement.  

                   How to write a topic sentence with supporting details.

                   The structure and organization of an expository essay.



        •            Different ways to begin a sentence including compound and complex sentences, participial phrases, and prepositional phrases 
        •            How to add vivid images and figurative language into writing
        •            How to use transition words when moving from different ideas.  
      • Quarter 3

        • Quarter 4