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    Paige Burt 

    5th Grade Teacher



    Contact Info: 832-386-4000

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      Math/Science Instruction

      7:30-7:40 Pick up from gym

      7:40-7:45 Get ready and sharpen pencils

      7:45-7:55 Warm up and Capture kids hearts activity

      7:55-8:00 Homework turn in

      8:00-8:55 Activity 

      8:55-9:00 Pick up from activity

      9:05-10:00 Math Instruction 

      10:00-10:45 Interventions

      10:45-11:30 Science 

      11:35 Switch Classes

      11:40-12:25 Math Instruction

      12:25- 1:00 Lunch

      1:00-1:15 Recess

      1:15-2:00 Interventions 

      2:05-2:50 Science 

      2:50-3:00 Dismissal 

      • Math Websites

      • Homework

        Homework is sent home every Monday and Wednesday, unless a test is being administered that week. Below is a 5th grade Vocabulary list. 

        • Moby Max & Prodigy

          If you have computer access at home or visit the library, please log on to Moby Max for math/science practice. It's an interactive way to practice that is fun! Please email me if you are having trouble logging in.