Topic outline

  • General

    Mrs. Chandler


    North Shore 9th Grade Center

    Phone number - 832-386-3498

    Room 1205

    • Daily Schedule

      Our schedule is as follows:


      6:45-7:00- Get off the Bus

      7:00-7:10  Check in/Hygeine

      7:10-7:45 Breakfast

      7:45-8:15 Calendar

      8:15-8:50 PE

      8:50-9:35 Vocabulary/Reading

      9:35-9:45 Break- Free Choice

      9:45-10:35 Art

      10:40-11:15 LUNCH

      11:15-12:00 Science/Social Studies

      12:00-12:30 Math

      12:30-1:00-Social Skills/Mews to you

      1:00-1:15 BIM (Computer Skills)

      1:15-1:30 Break- Free Choice

      1:30-2:00 Libray/ Cmapus Jobs

      2:00-2:30 Classroom  Chores/ Dismissal


      (Please note that students are in and out of our classroom throughout the day according to their individual schedules OR individual needs. The schedule is subject to change at anytime to fit students needs for that day. )