Topic outline

  • General

    Ms. C. Yell

    ESL/Reading Teacher


    Welcome to Cobb 6th Grade Campus

    Let's have a great year!

    ESL/Reading Teacher

    • Scope and Sequence

      1st Nine Weeks

      Fiction, Literary Non-Fiction, Drama, and Poetry

      2nd Nine Weeks

      Expository, Procedural, Persuasive, and Media

      3rd Nine Weeks

      Expository Fiction, and Poetry

      4th Nine weeks

      Fiction, Exposition, Poetry, and Persuasive

      • Rules and Consequences

        Classroom Rules:

        1. Follow directions the first time they are given.
        2. Bring paper, pencils, books, and all needed supplies.
        3. Keep hands, feet, books, and objects to yourself.
        4. No swearing, rude gestures, teasing, or putdowns.
        5. Be in assigned seat ready to work by the time class begins.


        1. Warning
        2. Second Warning/Time-out
        3. Parent Phone Call and Detention
        4. Referral to Team Leader
        5. Referral to Assistant Principal