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  • Topic 1

    Mrs. Aguilar's Reading class

    Reading Teacher

    Team R   Room: 610

    Let's have a wonderful year!

    • Classroom Rules

      Be in your assigned seat or assigned location ready to work when the tardy bell rings.
      Bring paper, pencils, books and all needed supplies every day.
      Keep hands, feet, books and objects to yourself.
      No swearing, rude gestures, teasing or put-downs.
      Follow the teacher's directions.
      Use restroom before entering classrooms and always have your library book.

      • Fluency Success Expectations

                      Fluency Success Expectations                            

        The purpose of Fluency Success is to help students’ reading abilities grow. Reading is a skill that helps develop the mind, improve concentration, expand vocabulary, and foster creativity.


        v  Students are required to read at least 2 books by Progress Report.  They need to read a total of 5 books by the end of the 9 weeks. Students must score an 80 or higher in order for the book to count toward their goal.

        v  Read every night of the week (including weekends) for 30 minutes.

        v  Have his or her book and reading log with them at all times.

        v  Take fluency tests in class upon completion of the book or complete a book report.

        v  Fill out the reading log completely when they checkout the book and after they take a test.

        v  Have reading log and book with them and visible when going to and entering the library (the reading log is their pass). 

        • Note: Failure to have both the book and reading log will result in not being able to test or go to the library

        v  Pick books that exercise their mind.

        v  Enter the library quietly and efficiently pick out a book.

        • Note:  There is a spot on the reading log for the librarian to mark conduct and time left. Consequences will be given for horse playing, wondering the school, or poor behavior.
        • Homework

          Read 30 minutes each night.

          Homework packet is given every Monday.

          Student turns in homework packet on Friday.


          • Grading Policy

            50%: Daily/Classwork
            (Accelerated Reading)


            10%: Homework/Projects

            A 90-100

            B   80- 89

            C   75- 79
            D   70- 74
            F    Below 70
            • Online Assignments




              • Homework

                Homework will be completed daily and all sections will be due on Friday 



                • Websites

                  Jellybean Scoop offers different news articles, written daily, at four different Lexile reading levels. Levels for articles are Starter, Single, Double, and Triple. Find articles in categories of World News, Nature and Science, Odd News, Inspiration and Health, and Fun Facts. Each story has an audio recording and the ability to record yourself reading it. Find activities such as vocabulary, sentence scramble, and a quiz.


                  • Multimedia Festival

                    Multimedia Festival that is coming up this Spring!

                    The entries are due Tuesday, January 5, 2016.

                  • Passport 4th 9 weeks

                    Passport is due on May 20, 2016.

                    This is the link to for Persuasive Articles.