Topic outline

  • Mrs. Swartz 6th Grade Science Class

    • Class Schedule

      1st period/ 6th period

      8:15 am -9:25 am / Conference

      2nd period/ 7th period

      9:30- 10:40

      3rd period/ 8th period



      11:55- 12:25

      AR time/study hall


      4th period/ 9th period

      Conference/ 1:05- 2:15

      5th period/ 10th period

      2:20- 3:35

      • Syllabus

        Here you can find a copy of the science syllabus for this year. if you have any questions please feel free to contact me.

      • Parent Contact

        Having good open communication with parents is our goal here at Cobb. Attached is a contact form that should be filled out and sent to school with your child. Please provide me with a phone number or email address that I can use to contact you or guarding about your child.

        If you wish to contact me I can be reached at the school 832-386-2100 or by email

      • Vocabulary words

        Science is a language all onto itself and many of the words, and terms we use in class are not words that can be found in a dictionary. Because of this Students will be required to make Vocabulary flashcards of all of the important science words and terms we are going to be using this year.

        Flashcards are due on Thursday or Friday the week after assigned, depending on wither your child comes to me on Blue days(1st-5th periods) or Red days (6th-10th periods).

        Students will also have Vocabulary quizzes on the same day the cards are due to ensure your child is studying.

      • Tutorials

        To be annonced

        • Topic 6

          • Topic 7

            • Topic 8

              • Topic 9

                • Topic 10