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    • K-1st Grade Activity 1. What Song Is It?

      Can you guess what song is it? Click on the link under the picture ↓

      On this activity you are going to guess and write down the name of the 5 songs before Mr Rob announce them out loud during the video.

      Take a picture with your list of songs and send it to your homeroom teacher to get your Music Grade.

    • Percussion activity at Home. 2nd and 3rd Grade

      Make your own video at home. Students as Performers 

      Everyone at Home (Your parents, siblings) can play with you! Or if is only yourself is ok too. Up to 4 players


      1.- Find something that makes noise (a box, a lid, a bucket an a metal pan or other) and as sticks you can use long wood spoons. (Just get permission from mom first)

      Give each item a symbol from the video and play along 


      2,- Make up movements with the symbols and have fun!  For example, clap, pat, stomp, raise hands, jump... you name it 

      Have lots of fun!!!

      The Second video is home made with my wife, Mother in law and myself. We use and empty popcorn container, a watch box, a pan, and a plastic sphere with some colored decorative stones, This is Fun!!

      P. D. You might hear my son making his own participation on the background.

    • Rhythm Composition 1st-2nd Grade. Fun Quiz!

      On this activity students will:

      1.- Write the rhythm for a known song like "Rain Rain Go Away" and "Doggy Doggy" and choose another one from the ones they already learned in class. 

      2.- Do a composition of 16 beats using the music notes for "Ta" and "Ta-di"

      3. Choose from the instruments given to hear the rhythm and follow along by clapping it.

      4.- Have fun with this amazing website 

      Note: Now you don't have to put a username and a password anymore, they make it even easier for you to get in!

    • Rhythm Activity "Ta Ta-di"1st - 2nd Grades  is an amazing place, free for students now. Students can practice and learn Music online. It contains a great and complete variety of activities, songs and Games for students from K-6 Grades.

      Students, feel free to explore it  as I'll be uploading some assignments from this site. I'm trying to do some short videos with directions since the Internet is really slow for long videos now, due to lots of people getting online.

      Have Fun! 

    • Kodály Handsigns and solfegio K-3

      Click on the picture and follow directions to practice singing and signing your hand music signs.

      • Banaha 3rd Grade

        Dale click en el link de abajo y canta con entusiasmo  la canción Banaha.

      • This topic

        Reading two notes on the Music Staff Activity

        Kinder and 1st Grade Review.

            Practice Intonation using Hand Signs for "so" and "mi"     mi

      • Reading notes on the Music Staff. Activity 2

        Kinder- 1st Grade Practice reading so-mi-la with Kodaly Hand Signs. Let the Teacher sing first and you echo back. Report to your homeroom teacher when task is completed.

        so-mi-la hand signs

      • The Solfege Song 4th- 5th Grades

        Solfegio and rhythm lecture.

        • Crome Music Lab

          Chrome Music Lab is a website that makes learning music more accessible through fun, hands-on experiments.

          Check out the Song Maker experiment, which lets you make and share your own songs.