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      The best way to keep in touch with me is to download the Remind app. You can enter your name and phone number and the app allows us to send text messages back and fourth.

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      • Behavior Managment

         We will be using a color clip chart, daily, for the purpose of positive reinforcement. I feel as though this system will be beneficial to all students. This will encourage students to continue trying even after making a mistake, as they will always have opportunities to clip back up.
             The students will all begin on the same color- green. Throughout the day, students will be asked to move up to teal, blue and purple when showing positive behavior. If a student is disrupting or breaks a classroom rule, they will be asked to move down on the chart to yellow then orange than to red. 
            The color chart will be tied to an end of the week "Classroom Store". 
        Classroom Store:
        Our store will consist of bins that the students can use the money they have earned from being on green($.01), teal($.05), blue($.10) or purple($.25), for completing their classroom job($1) and for positive reinforcement ($.01). 
        The store will be used to create responsibility. Before shopping, the students must check through their supplies. If a child needs a new pencil or a specific color of crayon, they must first buy that item before they can spend the money on a toy or item they want. This will help establish the difference between a want and a need and this will teach them how to save for their wants.
        *If you can provide any packaged items for the store, it would be greatly appreciated. Things such as toy cars, bugs, suckers, stickers, creative pencils, ect. 
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          Teacher Login: kbrady36  -Student username and password is taped in their homework folders

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