Fourth grade

Digital Citizenship - Fourth  Grade


Teacher Directions -

  • click on Common Sense link below / click the lesson title / log in or create a log in to access lesson plan & resources / click lesson plan (next to Overview)
  • all videos / materials are located on page

Common Sense link (click)


 September:  (Privacy)

Lesson Plan – Private & Personal Information

  • Review Key Vocabulary – register, personal info, private info, register (online)
  • Complete:  Warm-up, Analyze, Wrap-up (either us handout or lesson quiz as exit ticket)


 October:  (Digital Footprint/Identity)

Lesson Plan – Our Online Tracks

  • Review Key Vocabulary – digital footprint, fossil, inference, responsibility
  • Complete:  Warm-up, Analyze, Evaluate (#1-2)


  November: (Media Balance/Well-being)

Lesson Plan - My Media Choices

  • Review Key Vocabulary – media, media balance, media choices
  • 1 week prior to lesson: Explore section - have students track media use (see lesson plan for handout or guidance)
  • Complete:  Warm-up, Evaluate


 December:  (News & Media Literacy)

Lesson Plan – A Creator's Rights and Responsibilities

  • Review Key Vocabulary – attribute, copyright, intellectual property, license, plagiarism
  • Complete:  Warm-up, Define, Apply or Extension activity, Wrap-up (#1-2)


January:  (Cyberbullying)

Lesson Plan – Super Digital Citizen

  • Review Key Vocabulary – cyberbullying, digital citizen, upstander
  • Complete:  Warm-up, Learn, Create or Wrap-up (#1)


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